Day 27 a.k.a What I Should Have Posted Two Days Ago

I didn’t think I’d finish Nanowrimo this year. Although, it is the first year I haven’t been attempting Nanowrimo while in school, which I think plays a major role. Last year I had finals, the year before it was midterms. The timing worked out for me this year, but it may never work out for me again.

My book isn’t really finished yet. It’s a little out of order and although it has a beginning and an ending and something of a middle, it seems like it’s missing a lot of transition and there are still a lot of loose ends. I’m going to keep working on it and I’ll participate in the revision months, January and February. It’s further along than I’ve gotten, so after that, who knows?


Day 21

 I’m trying not to get ahead of myself, but this may actually be the year I finish NaNoWriMo. I still have to get through Thanksgiving, family staying with us, and a big coding project, but I’m optimistic. I’ve been participating in NaNoWriMo word wars for the past few days (with the exception of yesterday) and it turns out, anything that appeals to my competitive nature is great for my productivity. In the past three hours I’ve written 4,000 words, meaning that I have a cushion of two days now. I may be sacrificing quality for speed, but I think it would be worth it if I actually have 50,000 words at the end of this.

Day 16

 I’m starting to feel a little like a writer. My book has a beginning and an end, which for me isn’t bad. There still isn’t much of a middle to speak of but there are a lot of characters. One could argue there are two many characters.


I think if I went back through every post I’ve ever written about the story I’m working on, or any story really, the ratio of complaining to feeling good about things would be an even 50-50. And a love/hate relationship is probably the best I can hope for.

Day Nine

I’ve written a total of 82,488 words (15,267 words in the last nine days) for my current story and I don’t like any of them. I don’t really think that’s a problem right now. I haven’t even really begun the editing process and if I ever finish the plot may look entirely different. But still, looking at it objectively today is making it hard to start writing today. So, I’ve written nothing.

NaNoWriMo Day Seven

I’m a little conflicted about NaNoWriMo this year. I like that it forces me to write more than I normally would, but I don’t like that the writing itself comes across as forced. I don’t think I write my best stuff during NaNoWriMo because I’m focusing on a word count rather than quality. I’ve started referring to my book (to myself) as No One Questions The Walrus, and I can’t really remember why. But it seemed funny at the time. So I’m really just creating a lot of work for myself in the editing stage. Still, you have to start somewhere.