Day Fourteen: A Return to Chaos

I found this picture on my camera roll this morning, and remembered why I took it a second later. I woke up abruptly and was convinced the branches on the trees just outside my window looked like the face of a muppet. I took this picture as “proof.”

Everything is still disorganized here. My sister came to pick out a lamp from the collection on the living room floor. Plumbers showed up as we were running errands, trying to stock the place with laundry baskets and lightbulbs. The water was cut off without warning just as I lathered my hands with the dish soap I’m currently using in my bathroom. I rinsed them off with windex the best I could, which I thought at the time was decent improvisation, but didn’t do much for the stickiness that lingered until the water came back. But despite the disorganization, it is beginning to feel like home.

I had the place to myself this evening, so I got some writing done. I was starting to feel behind, with my word count dropping lower and lower. Anything less than 600 words doesn’t even really contribute to the story line. But I think things are moving again. Even if I can’t resist adding a witch to everything I write. 

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 8.28.32 PM

Words (today): 1002

Words (total): 12,323

Pages (total): 23

Nothing on this blog is included in my word count. 


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