Day Two: Closing Day

I woke up from a festive dream about parading fruit to realize that today is Closing Day. A holiday observed by having the house to myself while Mom and Dad close on the house and the condo, also meaning that around 2:00 today I’ll be in a house owned by someone else. 

While leaving for lunch my way was cut off by a parade of geese, led by a duck. I wish I could say this was an oddity for my neighborhood, but it’s really not. They used to stick to the duck pond, but lately I’ve been seeing them constantly on the surrounding roads. That duck is their ring leader. I honked at them, but they didn’t even have the good manners to pretend to be scared of the two ton vehicle that could so easily kill them. Let’s face it, they knew they had all the power in the situation.

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 10.12.25 PM

Words (today): 1518

Words (total): 4114

Pages (total): 8

Nothing on this blog is included in my word count. 


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