Another Series of Abandoned Blog Posts About Moving

I thought my ankle had pretty much healed, but not it itches, and I can’t scratch it without it hurting. I feel like I’m messing up tendons in my foot or something, and it freaks me out. My lack of medical knowledge and the squicky factor disqualified me from a future in a medical field years ago.

Mom and I picked up packing boxes today, and we started filling them up with books. And we got rid of a full truckload (carload, really) of stuff, both from my art closet and the front hall closet. It really feels like we’re moving now, and I’m getting excited.


My cousin came over today and regaled me with stories of Boy Scout Camp. He was droopy eyed and still in his dirty hiking boots and uniform when my aunt came over to look for a chest of drawers. I kept him company in the living room while she walked around with Mom. My cousin had barely slept all week, but the way he can talk you might not know it. He barely paused for breath the whole time. He told me the story of the purple gorilla that his councilor told him four times. They slept in the woods one night out of the six, and he didn’t sleep after killing a black widow spider. I can’t say I blame him.


The dumpster showed up this morning in all its rusted glory and we’ve been filing it up since it got here. Old notebooks filled with homework, fabric scraps, a glass table top with no table shattered over the detritus of broken sewing machines and re-used gift bags. A set of dictionaries Goodwill won’t except are responsible for my new biceps.

The contents of my car during the first trip to Goodwill of the day:
Three doll strollers
Pots and pans
Two bags of kids toys
2 bags of home goods
Assorted appliances
A suitcase


Mom and I got Chinese food for lunch, because Mom’s already cleaned out the fridge for the move.


The ghost busses are out. The empty yellow school busses learning their routes for the new school year. I passed one on the way to my last tennis lesson, all the books and old pots thrown in the back of my car shifting loudly.


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