Tiny Paintings

I’ve started yet another new project. My sister has a lot of blank wall space, and we were talking this weekend about the possibility of me painting her something. Our parents have a few abstract paintings in their house that my sister and I always liked growing up, so she’d like to continue the tradition and get some abstracts for her house too. But preferably for free. I’ve never attempted abstract art, but I’m always up for a challenge. Earlier this week, I went to the art supply store to pick up a few new canvases. I bought a few 20″ by 20″s, but they also had 4″ by 5″s, which are insanely adorable. I bought three, because I have no self control. And because I have a tiny easel which I used to use for post it notes. It was fate. Probably. So I’m using them for practice.

So far, it’s not what she’s looking for. But this entire experience has been charming. I think she wants a more muted color pallet, which, fair. They are a little obnoxious. But I can’t help that art is a reflection on the artist. Besides, I’m keeping all the tiny trial canvases.


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