Day Twenty-Four: Arguments

School commitments come before writing commitments, so I had a few days to make up for. I try to keep a little margin in my word count for that reason, but it wasn’t quite enough to cover not writing yesterday. I had a good day today, fortunately, so I’m back above the goal line now. Argument scenes are the best so far when it comes to writing a lot in a short amount of time. I think it’s that there’s always something to react to. Instead of, “what now?” it’s, “how will this character react to what that character said?” which is much more of a gut reaction for me. Chalk it up to all those persuasive essays I had to write for school?

Current Stats:

Words (today): 849

Words (total): 45,491

Pages (total): 34

Plot: Shout-y.

It has been 13 day(s) since an Animal Control related incident.


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