Day Four: Show, Don’t Tell

“Show, don’t tell” is one piece of writing advice I have an especially hard time with. When I’m writing it sometimes feels more like I’m writing notes to myself about what’s going to happen, than like I’m actually writing. So as a sort of challenge, I’m trying to write in present tense. The idea is that I can stay in the moment while I write, and actually write the event as it unfolds, rather than just be talking about it. I’m not sure how well that strategy is working though. I write in short bursts and jump around a lot, so nothing feels cohesive. I can’t seem to stay in the moment for very long.

Current Stats:

Words (today): 341

Words (total): 39,058

Pages (total): 76

Plot: Disjointed but maybe coming together?

It has been 2 day(s) since an Animal Control related incident.

Mentions of Posture (total): 2

State of Mind: Cautiously optimistic.


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