Day One: 73 Pages, 3 Funerals

Today is day one of Camp NaNoWriMo. I’ve set myself a pretty low goal purposefully, because I haven’t been writing much lately. I can write a few hundred words before I get stuck or have to go do something else. NaNoWriMo was “write more,” this is just “keep writing.” I’m not sure I’ll ever be a fast writer. If I’m lucky I may finish a first draft in five years, and the second in ten. But I do want to actually finish something. Finishing it within a time limit doesn’t really matter. I’ve got about a page more than I did this time yesterday, so as far as I’m concerned, that’s a win.

I write a lot about funerals. It’s almost as if when I need a filler scene, I just write a funeral. Two characters need to reunite? Great! Kill off a mutual acquaintance. I had already written two funeral scenes, but it wasn’t until last night, when I wrote a scene than mentioned a third that I noticed how excessive it is. But, this is a first draft. I’m not going back and changing anything just yet, that’ll come back later. Maybe I’ll decide three funerals really are necessary. Maybe it’s just a side effect of the excessive amount of funerals I went to as a kid. Either way, 73 pages down, a whole bunch more to go.


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