The Smallest Concert I’ve Ever Been To


I drug my sister to a David Wax Museum concert last night. We drove there in her red CRV, listening to Marina and the Diamonds and I got to see her experience the area for the first time. Her verdict was that it reminded her of Athens. I think she’s missed that since coming back home.

We got there between the doors opening and the concert starting. I got a coke because I was still a little carsick, while Virginia had a sandwich. The venue was still largely empty. People watched the World Cup on a screen usually reserved for footage of the band setting up.

I wanted to show her the roof and pass the time before the show drinking fountain coke and watching the trains pass. She informed me she isn’t a “walk up the unlit stairway to the roof we may not be allowed on” kind of person. It was probably a good call.

They had the little room set up with a semi circle of bar chairs facing the stage and a couple tables instead of the empty space that became a mosh pit the last time I was there. It looked like a book club meeting rather than a concert. 

At eight, two of the band’s members came out as the opening act and played songs in the style of traditional Mexican waltzes. Some originally meant to be waltzes, some covers, but all pretty amazing.

The band got us all dancing, and thanked their friends that came for letting them stay with them.


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