Day Five

Day four didn’t turn out exactly as I’d hoped. I didn’t make my extended goal of 7,000 words, but I didn’t make my base goal either. I lost about an hour after school standing in line at the polls. Completely worth it though, it’s the first election I’ve been eligible for. I went alone and kept the sticker on for the rest of the day. Like an adult. I think voting stickers are cool, and grinned so much when the guy gave it to me, he actually said congratulations, and that’s something I can never un-know about myself. I also took a garage selfie when I got home, like an unbelievable dork. But hey, my opinion matters in the eye of the law. You can’t tell me that’s not exciting.


I did at least get finally get around to untangling my first draft, separating the blurbs into different chapters, putting things in chronological order, etc., which should make things a little easier from now on.


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