Power Outage

The rain pours down, a thundering percussion to music from four years ago – the remains of my since abandoned iTunes account. It’s one o’clock and I’ve worn down half my computer’s charge. The weather is bizarre. The power’s been out since 6 this morning, replaced by intermittent rain and wind carrying the barking of neighbors’ dogs. It’s the unsettling sort of summer storm, rain accompanied by sun, so I can study by the window. I almost wish I couldn’t. Last winter we had a small power outage, only an hour. I was lying on the floor with my computer and a textbook, studying, when the lights went out and I lost WiFi. I responded like a blanket had been thrown over my birdcage; “well, I guess it’s nighttime now! Short, bonus nighttime!” But with a summer storm, that isn’t really a viable option. Not that going to sleep is a responsible reaction in the winter, but in the fall, a power outage almost makes you feel guilty for ever having power. “What? You still have running water. What else could you possibly need? Write a paper, make a damn sandwich!”


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