Dream House

“This is a lovely house in a well established neighborhood. It sits on one acre and has four bedrooms and four bathrooms.”

“This is the foyer, it has this lovely high ceiling because it faces the staircase and you can see the first and second floors. One bedroom is on main, two on the second floor, and a fourth is in the finished attic space.”

“If you open this tiny hidden door off the attic space, you’ll see a long winding slide in a tunnel the owner called the “hall of memories”. The hall itself is lined with portraits of actors and actresses from the time of Shakespeare to the 1950’s. No one knows how they got there, and they cannot be removed.”

“The slide is the only entrance to the first floor lofted area, which is a reproduction of a girls cabin from camp Tikihama in 1948.”

“You may notice there isn’t a lot of built-in storage room, but the previous owners had a clever solution, utilizing the fourth dimension; they stored many of their things, Christmas decorations, childhood books, etc., in 1872.”


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