A Rainy Day Of Schoolwork Avoidance

I can’t be trusted with circular needles anymore. This is the second pair I’ve broken on this dress alone. They snap where the cord meets the metal every time. I can only assume I’m supposed to be gentle with them, or not keep a death grip on the weak spot, but I can’t do that and knit at the same time. They are either being treated nicely, cushioned by plush knitting in a basket, not being useful, or wielded like swords I’m afraid will be ripped from my hands in the heat of battle. It’s a process. But on the bright side, this way I get an extra needle of the same size I can use as a cable needle. Of course, I already have a cable needle, but over-analyzing has never helped anyone.  
IMG_7590 IMG_7591
IMG_7599 IMG_7600
IMG_7603 IMG_7604

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