Moving Day

It started drizzling just in time for the movers to start unloading furniture And there was a lot of it, too. How my sister managed to accumulate so much stuff is beyond me, and that’s just a townhouse. Helping my sister move twice in one year has made me reconsider a nomadic lifestyle. of course, when moving it all, the seemed to be so much more of it than when it was more or less settled into place. But after taking something from an apartment to a house to a townhouse, removing it from a box, ripping off the tape and paper, and seeing a kitchen gadget I can’t even name, it seems to amount to a lot of effort and fan fare for something pretty unneccessary.

Of course, I would never seriously consider living like a nomad. I like to have my things about me. And a house isn’t a home without wifi. But a piano in a townhouse? That’s just crazy.

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