Tattoos And Math

It’s late at night and I smell like alcohol. On anyone else, that would suggest a good time being had. Or possibly bad decisions being made. Possibly a combination of the two. In my case, it means I’ve washed reciprocals penned in sharpie off my arm for an appointment with the career counselor in the morning. This isn’t a new thing for me. It became a studying habit in earnest a year ago when I changed my major from Marketing to Computer science. It was rare to see me without notes to myself written on my arms and sometimes even my legs in the form of trig identities, radius to degree tables, or simple circuits.

There are people who think I have incredibly nerdy tattoos. Food delivery guys, people I see at Target, even a girl I tutored in math during the time when I drew and retraced a full adder circuit on my left leg (earlier version pictured above) every day, to the point where, if I were ever to get a tattoo that’s what it would be. I got weirdly attached to it. But I don’t think I ever will. I like that my series of ever changing tattoos has a purpose. I also like that when I have a wedding, or church, or an interview to go to, a little rubbing alcohol gets rid of them.


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