Camera Roll

There are a lot of things I have to explain on my camera roll. I get nervous when people pick up my phone. Also, boundaries people. I document the weirdest things. Above is my version of a bathroom selfie. I’m purposefully shadowing my face like that. I liked the creepy vibe. It’s not flattering. But I really liked the shape my eyebrow was forming with the shadows under my eyes. It falls into category 1: I just liked the lighting.


This, is my sister’s bust of Thalia, the muse of comedy, gazing lovingly into a glass of coke. She falls into category 2: Things that made me giggle but probably won’t amuse anyone else.


An in-progress picture of a dress I’m making. It’s in category 3: WIP shots. Included is anything I’m working on. Mostly paintings and knitting.


This is a picture of an Erté vase I found in an antique store that now taunts me because I DIDN’T BUY IT. It falls into category 4: Pictures of things in stores I considered purchasing but will probably never go back for.


And of course you can’t forget category 5:Unflattering pictures of me taken by other people. They are exclusively awful. The ratio changes but there never fails to be something bizarre for whoever has grabbed my phone or swiped left when I tried to show them something specific to focus on. A picture of mouthwash to remind me that I’m out. A wild animal eating roadkill I sent to my sister because I’m mean like that. A picture of my math homework (for reference or something?). And those are all just recent ones. In conclusion, if someone is showing you their pictures, swipe right if you must, just don’t swipe left. If someone is not showing you their pictures, it’s because you are not meant to see them.


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