One Day

I have a slight to moderate obsession with this song. It’s part of a set in my mind with London Grammar’s “Wasting My Young Years”. It’s in this specific genre of being nostalgic for things you haven’t experienced. It’s something I get. I don’t care about romance, I can’t identify with it, and I don’t even want it yet. But being in limbo and wanting something to remember, stories to tell, experiences that have shaped you? That’s what I want.

“Shut up, damn it.” I tell Spotify. I know this isn’t fair of me. I was the one that put this song on my playlist after all. Spotify continues undeterred, the lyrics to London Grammar’s Wasting My Young Years berating me as I look at Semester at Sea’s website.

I do feel like I’m wasting my young years. Here I am, eighteen now, and I don’t do anything. I have sacrificed my entire life on the alter of college education, I think melodramatically. This is not, strictly speaking, true. None of my friends do anything either. In the grand experience sense. We’re boring in the suburbs. Broke, and focused on school.

I didn’t go on the cruise. I was broke, and needed to focus on school. I did however, have a concert coming up.


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