What Is This?

Until the technology featured on Bones is real and accessible to college students, I’m relying on the collaborative nature of the internet to answer a question for me.

When my dad was a kid he had the kind of childhood of a boy born in the sixties with access to the country. This of course, lead to him finding a lot of treasures; old coins, arrowheads, that sort of thing. At one point he found something that he thought might of been a part of a war bond mint that had been broken into pieces. He thought, due to the area it was found, it might date back to the civil war. He held onto it, but didn’t find out what it was.


A little while ago he found it in a box of childhood treasures (although knowing him, he never actually forgot about it. He knows where everything is at all times. The man is impressive) and he asked me if I could make out the image. I ran it through photoshop, mostly just inverted the image and upped the contrast. You can see a bit of script, a woman, an erupting volcano, and a train. It’s sort of like the I Spy books I had as a kid. Google images was predictably useless. It believed it might be depicting quail.

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 8.40.59 PMSo I’m bringing the question to you, via reddit, tumblr, and this blog. Do you know what this is?



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