I broke my writing streak for Christmas. It’s been three days since I’ve posted anything. Three days seems pretty bad to me after a while of posting everyday, and I feel like I’ve abandoned this site to the virtual cobwebs and dust mites.
I have some catching up to do. To start with, this year for Christmas, my sister gave me a set of black and sepia pens. I drew a tree on the wrapping paper to try them out. I’ve gotten in a habit of signing my initials to EVERYTHING, even wrapping paper doodles. So, that’s a bit weird.

 Tonight though, I had a few spare minutes to really mess with them. I have come to the conclusion that I love them, and may never use anything else. Here’s an illustration in black, and after sepia details:
 I still think my weird little drawings are more suited to black, but I like the look of the sepia as an alternative to full color. It still has the general feel.

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