This Post Brought To You By A Mixture Of Caffeine And Stress

I’m writing this while about to crash from a sugar and caffeine high brought on by soft drinks and what was possibly the biggest cookie I had ever seen (because Christmas!). 

So if this is incoherent, I apologize. In theory, that’s why I shouldn’t be writing this now. I had a plan to write all my ideas on sticky notes when I thought of them, so I’d never run out of material. I would write my posts at least three days in advance to give myself cushion, and have them all queued to be published at midnight, one at a time, every day. That, obviously, didn’t last long, for the same reason it’s eleven thirty the night before a test, and I still have studying to to. But, enough lamenting my bad planning.
I’ve added some things to my drawing collage. The background is all black and I’m just working with negative space, which gives me some interesting constraints to work with. 

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