Making Way For the New

It’s about time to replenish my jewelry stock. I recently sold six of my pieces, leaving about eighteen necklaces in stock. Each piece is unique, so when I sell one it’s gone – and I hate to admit it, in some cases I’ve gotten attached. Here are three of my favorites, that I no longer have. 
This necklace, made with vintage beads from one of my favorite Etsy sellers, Peach Parlor, that was the perfect length and pearly color to complement a black shift dress.
This necklace, inspired by the fringe movement on the drop-waist dresses of the 1920’s, was my absolute favorite. I took to wearing myself with my sage drop waist dress, and the occasional sweater.

And this necklace, made from an antique resin cameo I found at an antique store and just fell in love with. 

Although these are gone, if you like my work and would like something of your own, leave a comment.

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