Challenge: Tame The Tangle (Circle Scarf FULL PATTERN)

     I have 37 drafts on this blog. An alarming amount of them are actual full posts I just never published. So, I’m clearing out my draft box.
Sometime is August:
     This is the once-beautiful skein of ultra-soft yarn that resided at the bottom of a yarn stash for an undermined amount of time with no tag to indicate yardage, die lot, company name, or anything else indicative of where to go to buy more, how long ago it was made, or how much there is. The last time I was in possession of such a hopeless tangled mess it was a skein of worsted that I had bought at Target when I was nine and going through a ‘pale purple is the prettiest!’ stage. I was knitting a pillow at the time so I just shredded it and used it for stuffing. But this is nice stuff, and I refuse to throw it out or stuff a pillow with it. It’s just too soft and pretty. So I decided to untangle it. It probably took me about an hour, despite my mad untangling skills. ‘Soft’ isn’t always a great quality. As I untangled, little knots of fuzz kept forming locking strands together. It was not a pretty job. 
    But eventually it submitted to my will. After that the problem became, “What can I make with just this one skein of yarn?”. Without the yardage, that’s pretty tough. But, I came up with an obstinate solution. 
The ‘No, Seriously One Skein’ Circle Scarf

1 Skein of Bulky Yarn
Size 11 circular needles.
CO 99 sts
(Knit in round, and try to knit loosely) 
Rows 1-3: *K3, P3 repeat from * to end.
Rows 4-6: *P3, K3 repeat from * to end.
Repeat rows 1-6 until all that remains of your yarn is a tail. This is when it’s important that you knit fairly loosely. BO starting with first knit st., using the already knit stitches. 
Weave in tails.
This leaves you with no remaining yarn. 

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