The Fairy Passage (Part 1)

     I ran outside, eager to see what I would get from the fairies this morning. For a whole week we had been sending good will gifts back and forth. The day before, my older sister and I had left deflated balloon boats in the moss filled creek. They looked charming as they floated back and forth along the small stream of water. Red and yellow in blue against the bright green of the moss. I could just picture the little creatures sitting in their boats using them to travel along their way.

     It was my sister who had thought of the balloons. My seventh birthday was coming up, and we were a little over-eager in our balloon purchases. Yesterday as we were walking in the grass before we got to the creek – just a drainage ditch in real life – she pulled a few out of her pocket with a grin and began floating them in the few inches of water left behind after a rain. They really did seem like little brightly colored canoes. 

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