What Does The So Called Man-On-The-Street Know?

You’ve polled all the men and shocker, they hate all my clothes! Am I expected to burn my ballet flats and go buy five pairs of stilettos and a slinky dress? Because that would get impractical fast. I don’t pretend to speak for women-kind, but my style is my own. And possibly Wendy’s (from Gravity Falls). I could be wrong, but this doesn’t seem to go both ways. Surely no one would be providing that content without some sort of perceived demand for it. But there don’t seem to be any lists like that for guys. There’s no, “Hey, men! Before you get dressed this morning, remember that you will only get a girls approval if you wear this specific thing!” Because men are allowed to wear what they want, without anyone telling them, “you know, girls don’t like it when you wear that”. But people think they can give girls unsolicited advice and comments, ranging from, “nice tits!”, to “you would really look better with long hair”. And why?

Talking to my friends, it seems we all have very different ideas of what our perfect man would be, or is. None of us seem to agree. I find it hard to believe that all guys want the exact same thing. Even if my goal was to please guys, why should that mean I have to fit this very narrow standard of beauty? At the moment, I’m not trying to attract a guy. I would have no idea what to do with one right now, it’s just not a good time for me. But one day I will want to date. My mom has a saying, “you only need one”. What this means to me, is that’s it’s pointless to try to be everything for everyone. Because the only needing one goes for guys as well. What if that theoretical guy is out there, and he’s looking for someone just like me, but he can’t find me because I’ve grown out my hair, died it, gotten a boob job, and gave up my weird interests?

Even if you don’t believe in soulmates (which I don’t think I do), this concept still stands. You can’t be compatible with someone you’ve changed yourself for. The pressure put on girls to be “everything” is counterproductive. 


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