A Series of Texts With My Sister

…About Her Flag 

The general idea: My sister decided that ‘her flag’ would be a knight and a border collie and asked me to draw it for her.

Me: Did you get the picture?

My Sister: Yes cute

My Sister: Make it blue

My Sister: Please

Me: You said make it yello.

Me: Yellow*

Me: Hang on.

My Sister: Right but I think blue would be better. My blue, the blue of my room.

My Sister: I like the border collie you added!

My Sister: Super funny

Me: The border collie Looooves you. And will not let you go to war.

My Sister: Yaaaeey. Would you make the blue a little lighter?

Me: It’s almost done.

Me: No self respecting knight would have this color on a flag. It was the color of little girls

My Sister: Perfect.

Me: As long as you’re happy.

My Sister: Nuhuh

My Sister: That was arbitrary. And there’s a major difference between the early 1800s and the Middle Ages.

Me: Yes, well.

My Sister: When I bet the division of colors by gender was not even an issue

Me: You’re arbitrary.

My Sister: YES I AM

Me: But you are correct.

My Sister: I’m SOOOOO changeable.

My Sister: Damn straight.

Me: Yes. Good?

My Sister: Yes. Good.

And a flag is complete.


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