A Series of Texts With My Sister

…About The First Panel Of Her Poster

My general idea for the first panel: Benedict and Beatrice in their hats looking generally uncomfortable with each other.

Me: Your thoughts?

My Sister: Yaaaayyy

Me: You approve?

My Sister: Can you add some snark and distain and miild amusement to the faces in the first panel?

My Sister: (Yes of course I approve that’s perfect)

My Sister: Or is that too much things? 🙂

My Sister: SHE. IS. FIERCE.


My Sister: I adore her


My Sister: But she makes him look not nearly feisty enough. He has to balance her out, but he looks sad now next to her FIERCENESS


Me: I’ll try to balance them out.


My Sister: She’s practically Maleficent


Me: The hat made me do it.


My Sister: God, shakespeare in the 60’s must have been badass


Me: SO badass


My Sister: the MAKEUP




My Sister: everything was SO CAPSY I CAN’T EVEN


Me: I love the shakespeare book. (In reference to a 1950’s – 1960’s book of Shakespeare’s plays we both own)


My Sister: (I adore my shakespeare book mainly for it’s pictures. SO CAPSY)


My Sister: She looks like she’s about to slam right into her not till man be made of some other stuff than earth speech. And NAIL IT


My Sister: (She could maybe use a hint of some hair though. Maybe.)


My Sister: COULD YOU GIVE BENEDICK A SMIRK? Like they both think they have the upper hand? But are a little irritated in spite of themselves?


Me: I just did! I’m not done yet, but here.


Me: I need to make his head bigger.

Me: And his eyebrows more impressive.

My Sister: Yes! Good expression! BIGGER HEAD AND MORE EYEBROWS would make it perfect.

Me: Thank you!

My Sister: ACCTING

My Sister: Oh god

My Sister: That could mean either acting or accounting

My Sister: I just mean that the ’60s B&B could REGISTER. They weren’t acting, they were ACTING. Particularly him.

My Sister OTT and CAPSBY


My Sister: (They’re hilarious) 

My Sister: His dumb little goatee!

Me: You know he needed it.

My Sister: DIVINE

Me: I think they look more equally matched now.

Me: And now her hair’s just pulled back instead of MIA.


My Sister: His eyebrows are boss


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