Closet Re-Vamping

When you look at your closet every morning, are you fulfilled as a human being by it’s sheer awesomeness? Because I’m not, and would very much like to know your secret. I feel like I’m close, but due to my utter lack of designer labels, and my unwillingness to remove the last of my Silly Putty from the wall, I always fall a little short. But that doesn’t diminish the sense of accomplishment I get from a good seasonal closet re-vamping. 
The sewing mannequin is Patricia. She’s on my knitting blog a lot, supporting various sweaters and dresses. Right now she is a leaning lightly to the right, as she usually likes to do, and acting as a combination hat and necklace stand/closet guardian until the next time I need a torso stand-in.

When it comes to organization of hanging clothes, I like to arrange by color, because I think it’s the most attractive. But my sister is a believer in organization by sleeve-length. As long as it isn’t visually cluttered. Being happy when seeing your clothes is the best money saving technique I have ever encountered. Because that way, you aren’t constantly buying new clothes.

I bought these painted cabinet knobs during this antiquing trip for necklace hanging purposes. It was MUCH harder to get them into the wall than I had anticipated. I put them up to frame a poster I had there at the time:

Yes. Yes I do own a Kit Kittredge poster. The miror was lying in a closet, unused. It doesn’t fit the space as well, but it both more practical AND more attractive. So I had no choice.


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