Art Deco Love

During my childhood obsession with paper dolls, my aunt bought me one of the most fascinating presents I had ever received, Art Deco paperdolls. I think I can trace my love of all things Art Deco to that day.

Fairly recently, I came across a coffee table book full of these same illustrations by Erte, and I got to see the drawings they were based on, including my favorite: 
(This isn’t the best pic, but it’s the best I could do)
Which prompted this drawing:
Which prompted this Polyvore set. Very much a ‘Give A Mouse A Cookie‘ scenario. 

Steamer Trunk Furniture

Bronze French style lamp

Polyvore Clipper

Part of me isn’t convinced that I should have left that chair in there. I really like it, but it is probably far too tall for that sofa.

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