Hair is a Girl’s Crowning Glory. Except When it’s Not.

There are about six different hair styles for guys. And as long as it’s not the Justin Bieber, the mullet, or the ponytail (because only Heath Ledger could pull that one off), they really can’t go wrong. But for girls it’s different. There are a million and seven hairstyles to chose from, and if you’re lucky, five will work for you. I have not been so lucky. According to many sources, I have what is called an oval shaped face. I don’t know, I don’t question it. It would seem that girls with oval shaped faces were not meant to have cooperative hair, or at least, this is what I have deduced. Any length at all quickly gives me what I have dubbed ‘the beagle face’:

My sister (who, because I know you were wondering, has a heart shaped face) has suggested many times that I just go for the Pixie. The Pixie scares me, because I just have so much hair. Not length-wise, it’s just heavy on volume. I am slightly convinced that any attempt at a cute little ‘do will end up as an afro.
I should talk to my hairdresser before I do anything drastic, but right now it’s so hot that the afro is starting to sound like the better of the two. But what I really want is a weird little ‘do like Audrey Hepburn has in How to Steal a Million, something that looks great with hats. 
Paired with disco ball eye makeup of course:

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