I went to a couple of antique stores and estate sales last week in pursuit of either things I like but can’t afford to buy right now, or things I find weird.
I love painted wooden furniture.
I’d love to decorate a huge closet with lots and lots of old suitcases. 

This is an old seed packet filing cabinet. There are still yellowing labels with the names of the seeds of most of the little drawers. I think it would be great in a craft room filled with beads, or even yarn.
A painting of the Lady of Shallot, who always reminds me of Anne Shirley. 
The closed gold pocket watch on the right looks a lot like one my maternal grandmother wears on a chain around her neck.

Yeah, this is a plastic foot.
And here’s the arm.
This looks like something Andy Griffith would use while fishing.

I really liked these posters I found at an estate sale.

I was really tempted by this antique microscope.

I definitely would have bought this dashing gentleman if it didn’t cost $60. It is far too tiny for $60.

Got to love tiny models of things.

This trunk/toy box also cost $60. Note how much larger it is than the silhouette. 
Every woman in my mom’s side of the family (that I know of) has a plate collection, or rather, a wall of plates somewhere in their house. It’s inevitable, and I think I would like to start with this one.

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