An Internet Adventure Featuring My Grandmother

I’m at my grandparents house, in front of a not-yet-seasonally-appropriate fire listening to my grandmother trying to understand her iPad. She’s sitting on the sofa with her iPad and my mom, and they’re trying to communicate.

My Grandmother: I want to know that thing where you buy things.

My Mom: EBay? Amazon?

MG: No, no, the thing where you find things! The google.

MM: Oh, okay, well this is your Internet app. It’s called Safari. Think of going on the Internet as your safari.

This is the google box. You type what you want to research into this box.

MG: Put hairnets in there.

MM: Okay, what kind of hairnets are you looking for?

MG: The kind you sleep in.

MM: (clicking on an Amazon link that popped up) Amazon is like the Kmart of the Internet.

This could go on for hours.


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