The Phantom of The Opera. Plus Fire.

My sister and I were watching The Phantom of the Opera in her room a couple nights ago. There was this scene where Raoul had been kidnapped, and Christine and The Phantom were facing each other on either side of a table covered in candlesticks. Christine had a wedding veil.

And they just stood there. Nothing happened.
Me: Just light your veil on fire and throw it at him!
My Sister: Laughing. So that’s your first instinct? Light him on fire?
Me: There is FIRE right in front of her. Why is she just standing there?
She wouldn’t even have to use the veil. She could just pick up a candle, light him on fire, then rescue Raoul and get out of there. It’s not like he’s going to follow her (right away at least), he would be ON FIRE. 
But, the way it was resolved in the end was much better. This is why I’m not a writer.

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