An Ill-Advised Solution

Last night during one of my insomniac brainstorms (if you’ve never had one of those, basically it’s when you can’t sleep because YOU’RE COMING UP WITH IDEAS THAT WILL SAVE THE WORLD) I took my phone off my bedside table and wrote down some of my ideas. One note, labeled 12:33 A.M., was just ‘fix Bamboo Pen with knife’. That sounds like something a crazy person would say, doesn’t it? But it was just enough to remind me what I was thinking; ‘what if I put a groove in the nib so I could get a better grip on it with my tweezers?’ (for those of you with no clue what I’m talking about, read this post). So today, that’s what I did. And here is my process:

Step One
Rescue purse from OmNom.
Step Two
Locate keychain.
Step Three
Grab keychain and try to pull it out. Not be able to. Wonder if your sister glued it to your purse as a terrible practical joke.
Step Four
Pull out wallet and try again.
Step Five
Step Six
Locate pocket knife disguised as a key.
Step Seven
Take the knife off the keychain without slicing your thumb off.
Step Eight
Track down tweezers, pen, and extra nibs.
Step Nine
Cut a groove all the way around the old nib. 
By the way, it’s not easy to cut something and take a picture of yourself cutting something when you only have two hands. Be impressed. 
Step Ten
With tweezers, grab the nib by the groove and slowly pull. 
Step Eleven
Take out the extra nibs.
Step Twelve
Put the new nib in the opening.
Step Thirteen
Slowly slide it further into the pen.
Step Fourteen
Yay! Your pen works now!

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