Who Knew Patterns Could Get as Tangled as Yarn?

It’s almost Fall, and with the change of seasons, comes the urge to organize my life. I’ve been wanting to organize my knitting projects for forever, so there’s no time like the present, right? First, I’m going to tackle knitting patterns. My current system mostly looks like this:

With a little of this for good measure:
That wouldn’t be so bad, except that the patterns are usually broken up and divided between notebooks, sticky notes, virtual sticky notes, Pages, and Word. If it’s a long pattern it can be pretty difficult to track down all the parts. Especially since I don’t always label the bits of pattern, but just continue with the row number, assuming that I’ll be able to remember that I meant row 53 of a sweater, not a pair of socks. So, it’s usually an adventure. I’m going to take it a notebook at a time, and get them organized.
The first pattern in the first notebook is OmNom.
This pattern is actually all together. There are fourteen uninterrupted pages with ‘helpful’ little diagrams. But the only reason is that some of the pages had been ripped out of other places in the notebook, and put back in the right order. 
Who does that? Other that that, the color of the pen changes, and the corner of the last page has been ripped off, but it’s still in order, and that, in my mind, is a win. I’m going to type it up and post it at a later date.
That was the only pattern in that notebook, because I mainly use that one for lists and notes. On to the next notebook!
On the eleventh page of the second notebook, I came across this:
It starts with no clues as to what it is, just ‘next cable row’ (spelled wrong, for some reason. When I scribble, I mean business, apparently), so I’ll come back to that later. It helps to start and the beginning of a pattern. 
The next page starts out with ‘Skirt Patt. (cont.)’ 
So now at least I know what it. Rows 10-34 of a skirt. Rows 2-7 on the previous page are probably from the same thing, but I can’t really tell. There’s no stitch count or anything. 
Aha! I found a pages document labeled ‘Skirt’ that matches up with rows 10-34!
The document ends at row 42, but I found a note on my computer with the rest of it:
so I can move on. Mostly. The six rows before that didn’t fit, so I still have no clue what those are from. 
The next thing in the notebook is a blurb from a clutch pattern. Only fourteen rows. I found another Pages document, this one labeled ‘braided clutch’, but it isn’t a match. Two pages after the first fourteen rows the pattern picks up again… At row 42. There are 28 missing rows! I’m going to assume the ‘braided clutch’ document I found is the revised version, and ignore those two pages for now. 
There are no knitting patterns for 9 pages. Just two packing lists, two story lines for a comic I was making called ‘The Adventures of Bangs McCoy and the League of Adequacy’, Etsy ideas, and a shopping list. It’s like my notebooks are as scattered as my brain. 
After that, there’s an abandoned pattern for a ‘monster mug’:
But then it’s back to ideas, shop expenses, and Art of the Western World notes. And two pie charts; ‘what I want to do in Ireland’ and ‘what dad wants to do in Ireland’
And finally, back to patterns for good. The rest is my most recent project, the striped sweater. It covers row 135 to where I am now. I’ve already typed the first part of the pattern, so now I just need to type up this part, and I can start posting it here. 
My third notebook starts with a list of Mandarin words I know an their meanings. That is followed by a lot of math problems, to-do lists, packing lists, psychology notes, and sketches in colorful ink. But finally I found a pattern helpfully titled ‘Cabled Hat’:
It covers CO to the end of the cabled brim. I don’t think I finished the pattern. I can’t find anything labeled ‘cabled hat’ or anything that startes with ‘row 1’ and has 100 stitches. But I know I made it. It was one of my stash yarn projects. I found it in a drawer and tried it on. It looks hilarious on me. 
It goes with my bangs well, no?
But back to business. The next pattern in my notebook is part of the sweater I was working on last fall.  It covers everything up to the first half of a sleeve. 
The rest of the notebook is all Calculus problems. Fortunately I didn’t stop writing down the sweater pattern like I did with the hat. I found the rest of it, from the sleeves to the neckline, on another Pages document. Once I type that up I’ll have all the patterns in my notebooks, on my computer. I’m going to stop here for today. I’ve got to type those up now, before I forget. 

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