CLEP-itis; Explained

This has been one of those weekends where I know I was busy, but not really productive. Or at least, I did anything that wasn’t school. I’ve got yet another CLEP test coming up, but I don’t want to study. I have a terrible attitude about it. I feel like I just did that. So instead, I’ve been doing whatever else I could think of. I’m updating my other two blogs. I changed the backgrounds, colors, fonts, that sort of thing. I’m still working on the headers. Here are my lastest posts:

On my knitting/craft blog:
Who Knew Patterns Could Get as Tangled as Yarn?

And on my new sarcastic drawings/comic blog:
Where the Mask and the Pore Strip Meet

The knitting post was the most time consuming. I’ve also taken over a hundred light box photos of my clothes for my new app (because I enjoy taking things to unnecessary extremes). Over all there’s been a lot of writing, drawing, knitting, and taking pictures, but not a lot to show for it. But I thoroughly enjoyed it all.  


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