90’s Movie Dream Realized

I was determined to post Monday, but clearly I didn’t. In a rare turn of events, it was not because of my urge to make ALL THE NECKLACES EVER, but because of an email I got from my mom. In the email, was a link to an app. An amazing app. A why-didn’t-I-think-of-this app. It’s called Stylebook, and you can get it at the app store. It’s basically Cher’s virtual closet. For four dollars. If you’ve ever watched Clueless, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about, but if you haven’t, here are some screen-shots:

Well, it’s more Cher’s closet/Polyvore. It’s purpose is more Cher’s closet, because it’s your clothes, but the execution is a lot like Polyvore. 
(This looks pretty unfinished, but I haven’t finished importing everything yet)
I love that it’s MY clothes, not clothes I want. I spend less money, and it’s organizational instead of just pretty. I suppose in theory, Polyvore could work for your clothes, but only if you bought all your clothes recently. Have you ever tried searching for ‘that top I got when I was fourteen that my sister hated. I think it’s Navy, but it might also be black’? No results. I mean really, none. 
Immediately after I realized what it was, I dropped everything and devoted the rest of the day to taking pictures of my clothes. It’s a more time consuming process than I thought it would be, but it beats studying. So… I have my priorities in order.
After writing this, I realized how ‘this blog post sponsored by…’ it sounded, but I’m definitely not getting payed for it. My little blog isn’t really on the radar. 


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