All Creatures Great and Small

I’m watching All Creatures Great and Small with my family. I don’t know how many times we’ve gone through the series, but I think we’ve watched each episode around five to twenty times. We still have the VHS that I can’t remember ever not having. Of course, we don’t have a VHS player, but we still have them for… Sentimental reasons? Don’t ask me. But I do prefer the VHS tapes. With the tapes you could speed up the intro so that the old car peacefully driving down a country road, turned into hilarious reckless driving. It probably wouldn’t be entertaining now, but it was kind of my favorite part of the show. Without it, there isn’t much to distract from the cow births and other graphic atrocities. It’s kind of a disgusting show. But I love it. For no discernible reason. Except for Tristan. And James. And Helen.


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