Why Today is Better Than Seven (or so) Years Ago

Well, it’s September, and my Bamboo Pen is still broken. I am really not okay with this development. I keep plugging it into my computer thinking ‘It’ll work this time!’. It never does. Without it, the closest thing I’ve got is my phone. Drawing on my phone looks like this:

It’s not really effective. Since I use the Bamboo Pen for pretty much everything, it’s set me back a little. I’m trying to design something for my packaging. The way I would usually do that, is make some sketches on my computer first, then trace it onto some cardboard and make a stencil. That way I would have the original on my hardrive, and could easily duplicate it. But no. I can’t do that. So it’s back to the overly complicated system I used before. Draw it by hand, scan it into my computer, edit it, then trace it onto cardboard and make a stencil. Well, I say I’m back to the old system, but that’s not really true. My first system was ridiculous. I would draw something, then scan it using my temperamental printer/scanner (I was SO proud of that printer. I bought it when I was eight or nine with my own money that I had been saving for over a year). Then I would drag the scanned picture into ‘Paint’ and trace the lines, then erase everything else. This is an old abandoned project I found so you can see what I’m talking about:
It appears to be two mer-people playing with a deformed bowling ball, but it’s hard to be sure. This ‘editing’ took a couple hours, but it was worth it. I mean, look how GOOD this looks!
Shut up. She’s beautiful.
Because of the time consuming ways I’ve done it before, I really can’t complain about the inconvenience now. Instead of having to deal with a scanner that only works on a rainy tuesday, if you kick it just right, I have a scanner app on my phone. I just take a picture of it and then it automatically appears in iPhoto. Then, instead of using Paint, I have Photoshop. A few clicks of a trackpad, and I can go from this:
to this:
Nine year old me would be SO jealous. 

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