Draft Box Week 8/16/12

Second draft post this week. I’m really going to try and keep it up.

Life is Strange And So Am I (I have no clue when I wrote this)

This afternoon I went to the grocery store to pick up some dinner for me and my sister. Today has been one of those days where I was together enough to put on a little make-up, but not so together that I felt like wearing decent clothes. Sort of a yoga pants/ponytail tail. So I was feeling good to have made it to the grocery store. I even remembered the re-useable grocery bag I’ve had in my trunk for almost as long as I’ve had the car. (I’ve used it all of twice now, so I was pretty impressed with myself) I left the store happy. I bought healthy food, saved an *ENTIRE FORREST, and all was right with the world. But as I got to my car a guy called out to me. (And to any guys reading this, you have no idea how creepy this can be. I am not even kidding.) He said, ‘new driver?’. What?! Was I a new driver? That’s like yelling, ‘hey, I noticed you’re young and in a parking lot!’ I remembered the tacky orange magnet on the back of my car that I had gotten from my driving instructor, announcing ‘new driver!’ in white block letters with smiley faces framing it. Plan A was to yell, ‘None of your business!’ and hit him over the head with my baguette. Unfortunately, this plan was crazy, plus I really wanted to eat that baguette. So, I went with plan B. I lied to the guy. ‘No, it’s an old sticker.’ Despite not being able to remember the word magnet, I felt okay about my response and put the grocery bag in my car. But I realized he was walking towards me. Okay, maybe I had said the wrong thing. Maybe I had just confirmed that I was old enough for him to hit on me? I had no clue. I can’t really remember what he said after that. Something about driving and local traffic. Torn between my insanely strong self preservation instinct, and my desire not to be rude (because the odds were this guy was just trying to start up a conversation with someone, and had no clue he was creeping me out), I got in my car, and put the key in the ignition, but tried to end the conversation politely. I said something like, ‘yeah, traffic is crazy! See you around!’ and left. He might have still been talking. I’m not really sure. I’m equally unsure of why I said ‘see you around’. It was a pretty strange interaction. I don’t know what makes a stranger talking to me in the parking lot so inherently creepy, but it is. You could be the most harmless person in the world, but odds are, if you talk to me in a parking lot, I will be scared of you.

*Probably not even a leaf. But I tried. Let me have this.


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