Don’t Start a Big Project With Stash Yarn and Other Sage Advice (But Probably Not)

My current sweater project has, as usual morphed into something else entirely. My first mistake was a rookie one. I started knitting something big with yarn that’s been in my stash for over a head. And what does that mean? That’s right! [Said like the ever-annoying Dora the Explorer] It’s next to impossible to find yarn from the same dye lot! But life goes on, so I made a trip to my friendly neighborhood yarn store, and picked out a pretty bright pink and complementary deep blue. Now, because I’m me, the new yarn is a different weight than the old yarn, so I had to scrap my first pattern and start over. But it’s worth it. I absolutely love the light summery yarn. This is what I have now:

I kept the braided band at the bottom, but opted out of the braided stripes in favor of regular ones. The braids were fun in theory, but ended up weighing down the sweater so it didn’t hang right. Oh well, I’ll try it on a thicker sweater sometime. I’m still tweaking the pattern, but this is what I think it will end up looking like:

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