Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day!Per tradition, my family exchanged valentines. When my sister and I were little we would make glittery cards filled with paper confetti bombs poorly designed to explode on our parents and each other. It was fun and messy but that was really it. My sister and I are in our mid and late teens now and still without boyfriends. She uses the excuse ‘I’m too busy’ and I say… well, I just say I don’t have a boyfriend. Anyway, the tradition continues, so we don’t have to buy our own chocolate yet. Last night my sister and I exchanged gifts early because I refuse to get up as early as she has to to go to work. She gave me some tacos and I gave her this octopus I knit:

It was all very normal.

All in all, I’ve had a pretty good single person Valentines day. The spoils;
Two tacos
An itunes gift card
Like half a pound of chocolate kisses
And something mom calls ‘sexy m&ms’

They’re the best. Tonight though it’ll just be me and my sister. Well, and our best friend TV. When it’s just the two of us, I sometimes still feel like she’s babysitting me. Mainly because we can’t go anywhere unless she wants to. I have a car, but for the next month and a half at the least, I can’t drive without someone over 21 in the next seat, so I’m essentially stranded without her. And even with her, I can’t drive my car. I have to ride with her. I don’t dislike riding in her car, it’s cute. Even if there is a little barbecue sauce on the roof that I just can’t get out, and some dog hair stuck in just about all of the crevasses (Yeah, yeah I know this because I obsessively clean things, even things that belong to my sister). She is a good driver. Of course every time she turns shoes fly everywhere, but that just adds to the weird charm. She’s not the problem. I just want to go ahead and get my license. Buuut….. I’ve got to have my permit for a year and a day. Why the day? That is just so unnecessary. This post probably makes no sense. But my draft box is already stuffed. So… deal with it.


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