Car Shopping

When you’re looking at cars, is it called shopping? Regardless, I’ve been looking at cars lately. I know what you’re thinking, “But Leila, you don’t have a license! What do you need a car for?” and to that I say, shut up. I’m getting a license soon. Besides what’s the point of having two part time jobs if you can’t buy a car you can only drive if you kidnap an ‘adult’ first? No point at all.

My favorite so far is an eleven year old white Mazda sedan. It’s a great car. It’s got a six cylinder engine, a sun roof, and a huge trunk for that ski trip I will never go on. It even has a cd player, top of the line for 2001. Which is good, because the radio quality really isn’t great. Basically, if it were 2001, I’d be a pretty cool grandmother. I might as well embrace it. After all I have been known to keep candy in my purse and knit things for people that they don’t want.


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