I’ve finally figured out what I want to do for my college graduation trip- in three years. My dad and I have decided to go to Ireland. I’m really excited. A few nights ago my family and I went out to dinner with my godfather who was back from Paraguay for the first time in three years. When the topic came up, he told us all about his trip(s) to Ireland. The castles smack in the middle of pastures, the loud pubs, the scenery. After that Dad and I started to actually plan our trip. Or at least figure out what we both want to do there. I’m mainly interested in the castles, pubs, and outdoors in general. But my dad wants to participate in a fox hunt. I wouldn’t have called that. But it does sound fun. And since dad is pretty much making this trip possible, I want to do things he wants to do. Which means I will eventually have to get on a horse. The only time I’ve ever been on a horse was my friends fifth or sixth birthday party. And that was probably a pony. I tried to bribe the guy in charge of them to get out of it. So I don’t want the next time to be during a fox hunt. The only way I see to avoid getting trampled by a pack of horses chasing a pack of dogs chasing a fox, is to get on a horse sometime in between now and the trip. I’ve always assumed if I took a truly terrifying class it would involve throwing stars and mixed martial arts.


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