Segues, Novels, and Sweaters

When writing anything, segues are pretty useful. Unless you have a very limited attention span and only really want to spend the time it takes to write a paragraph. I have the segue using skills of a seven year old. I know this because I still use the same ones I used eight years ago. Mainly, “In other news…” and “also”. Or just joining two completely unrelated things with ‘and’. Not great.In other news, my signed copy of “The Fault in Our Stars” came!

I preordered it a ridiculous five months ago after watching this video. Major fangirl move, I know. But who cares. I’m a total John Green fangirl.

Look I’m one of the lucky 20%(3:00) that got purple! J Scribble(2:23) for the win! Yes, I realized I linked to the same video three separate times. It’s because I really want you to get my references and I know you didn’t watch it the first time.

Segue! My sweater is still trying to be a sweater:

The sleeves are just being a huge pain. I never thought it would be so hard to sew sleeves evenly. But it’s just being impossible. And honestly, even though winter is almost over, it’s just not a priority. It’s just sort of sitting in my room, crying quietly to be finished. Okay I’m done. It’s obviously too late to be writing anything once I’ve described something inanimate as being sad.


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