Sweater Update

Ignoring patterns and winging it is going splendidly as usual. Poor Planning. Check. Going over my yarn budget. Check. Something going wrong at the last possible second. Check. So, I’m right on schedule. The would-a should-a could-as have set in. I should have picked up an extra skein of yarn at the yarn store. I could have done the math and realized that if one sleeve had taken a skein and a half, chances are, so will the other one. But I didn’t. So I’m out of yarn, and left with one sweater, minus a shoulder. Here it is at an awkward angle modeled by me:

And a couple inches later on Janet:

Huge gaping hole aside, I’m a little weirded out by the difference in coloring between a webcam photo (the first photo) and one taken by my phone (the second). They were taken within twenty minutes of each other in the the exact same conditions. But I digress. I’ve been frantically searching my room for misplaced yarn, in the hopes that somehow I haven’t gone through all seven skeins. Yes, seven skeins. It’s a good thing the yarn was reasonably priced, but regardless, that’s a ridiculous amount of yarn for one sweater.


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