It’s All Kinds of Festive In Here

The Play-Doh polar bear making has escalated. I finished the two polar bear ornaments for my sister this afternoon.

I even found a tiny thing of white paint paint hiding in my closet and managed to make it last, successfully avoiding a trip to the store. But then my dad saw them and commissioned a large one, for the CEO of Coca-Cola. Even though he probably gets sick of polar bear shaped things, it’s kind of an art nerds dream project. I get to obsess over a project, and not feel stupid for obsessing over something that I’ll just end up putting underneath a tiny tree:

And then keeping under my bed eleven months out of the year. Plus it’s fun and I get to play with Play-Doh. And take weird artsy photos:

This is why I’m not a photographer. My iPhone has seen some weird times. Note the professional Play-Doh lid in the background. Here’s a slightly more current photo:

Yep, it’s drying in a puddle of glue. I had to use three containers of Play-Doh and a base coat of glue keeps the Play-Do from cracking too much having to support it’s own weight while drying. It’s hardly professional, but it’ll be well hidden under a coat of metallic paint and two coats of white matt. 


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