I have sorely neglected this blog. My multi-tasking skills vary from poor to non-existent. I think I’m multi-tasking but it usually turns out there’s at least one thing I’ve completely forgotten about. And these past few months- okay, more like this year- blogging has slipped through the cracks. I would like to blame Tumblr for taking all my time, especially since I started my own. But that’s not entirely accurate. So my adoring fans, I must apologize. I’ll try I really will. Probably. But for now, let’s do a re-cap:My gif of River Song somehow got on the Doctor Who official tumblr:

I took a screen shot because I’m a nerd. Nerds, by definition, are allowed to be exited about things.

And that about sums it up. Hmm. That’s a short re-cap.


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