My Priorities Are a Little Scattered

Well my Thanksgiving deadline has passed. Unfortunately Janet is still sporting an unfinished sweater. It has been demoted from ‘Important Project’ to ‘I’ll finish it whenever’, a fate that some projects never recover from. Fortunately, I got pretty far before the deadline expired.

All I have to do is finish the sleeve, knit a second one, and finish off the neckline. It’s the work of a day or two, but for now it’ll have to wait. Christmas break doesn’t start until the 17th, so school is priority #1, followed closely by the almost finished scarf I’m knitting for a family friend. It’s a paying job so I’m feeling guilty for not having finished it yet, but it’s kind of a pain. It’s long, thick and I can only knit it in bursts, because the yarn combined with the thick gauge makes my hands sweat. I want this scarf to stay pristine. To top it off he wants me to sew ‘my tag’ into it, so he can show it off as one of my originals. It’s a really sweet thought, but still, it’s taking time away from the scarf. Which is taking time away from school. Which is taking time away from buying gifts. Which is taking time away from making a tag. Which is taking time away from knitting the scarf. Do you see my problem here?

My judgmental nutcrackers are not helping.

But the ancient and shiny tree has been very helpful.


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