It’s Two Day’s Until Thanksgiving, And This is The Second Time I’ve Knit This Sleeve.

Thanksgiving is in two days, and things aren’t looking great. I had a few problems with the neckline, and it still isn’t finished. The decreasing is done, but I still need to make the ribbed border.

 I might not even have enough yarn. I’m almost at the end of the fifth skein, and there’s only one more left. I may need to sacrifice sleeve length. That is, if I can figure out how to do the sleeves. This is the first sleeve, second try:
It’s eating up more yarn than I’d like, and the cable pattern is a little off, because of the increases. The rest of the sweater though, is coming together pretty well.
I need to fix the gap in the bottom, and a small one it the armpit of the same side, but that’s pretty simple. My other concern is the kitcheners stitch holding together the shoulder. It’s pretty messy. It’s towards the back, so maybe my hair will cover it? I’ve already done it twice, and that’s probably as good as it will get.

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