Knitting Against Time

I’m terrible at deadlines. Really terrible. But despite my better judgment, I started a sweater on Friday. And I’m trying to finish it before Thanksgiving. This Thanksgiving. I’ve only knit one other sweater in my life and it turned out horrible. So obviously, I had to try again, but without a pattern. It’s going surprisingly well considering.

This is the pre-sweater in question, modeled by my moms mannequin that I have dubbed ‘Janet’. There have been a few set-backs. It’s eating up yarn like Cookie Monster would eat a particularly delicious chocolate chip cookie and the decreases aren’t symmetrical. If it turns out well, the yarn expense will be worth it, but the seams are making me worry.

 The gap in the ribbed bottom is not a style choice. I’ll be closing it up soon.

 I just hope that it’s not as noticeable as I think it is. Maybe I’ve been staring at it for too long.


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